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How to submit your book...

You have completed your manuscript and are wondering what the next steps might be. Will you find an agent, submit your book to a traditional publisher or go down the self-publishing route? At Emira Press we are happy to discuss the various publishing options and will help find a formula that works for you.

We do ask that you familiarise yourself with our submissions criteria and only contact us using in accordance with these guidelines. We will endeavour to review all submissions within three months.

Our five golden submission guidelines:

  1. Provide your details. We will need your full name, a contact number, an email address and a postal address.
  2. Tell us about your book. Is it for adults, young adults or children? Is it fiction or non-fiction? Is it poetry or prose? What is your target audience?
  3. Give us a synopsis. Please provide a working title for the book and a brief synopsis (500 words max). This should describe what the book is about and what sets it apart from similar titles. You may also wish to tell us a bit about yourself: your writing credentials, your experience of publishing and your existing audience if you have one.
  4. Send us an extract. Please send only the first three chapters of your book. If we feel it is a good fit for Emira Press, we will ask you to provide the full manuscript.
  5. Submit it in a helpful format. Please email your manuscript over as either a Word document or a PDF to emirapress@gmail.com.

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